Whats on in Brightlingsea


The perfect place to spend a few hours sharing some quality time with your loved ones during the summer season.

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Things to do in Brightlingsea

Brightlingsea is a fantastic place to live, visit and have some fun. This coastal town in Essex has long been a favourite of families looking to make the most of that all too short British summer with a trip to the seaside. Located between two of the county of Essex's most well known towns, Clacton and Colchester, Brightlingsea is truly a great place to bring the kids!

Restaraunts in Brightlingsea

If you like to grab a bite to eat out then Brightlingsea has you covered with several restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs! Eating out in Brightlingsea means you are spoilt for choice! The Seaside town also has the British seaside favourites such as Seafood stalls and fish and chips!

Shopping in Brightlingsea

If you are in Brighlingsea and fancy spending some of those hard pennies, then Brightlingsea has plenty of stores, shops and attractions just ready to oblige! Whether its the seaside shops that supply all the family with their buckets and spades, balls and lilos or you are looking for a more designer store then Brightlingsea is the place to visit.

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